Rugged Laptops for Firefighters

As a firefighter, one has to be versatile and ready for anything to happen at any given time. The workplace is roaring flames and burning buildings sometimes, so it’s only expected that the workplace gear is adapted to this extreme environment. Laptops and internet connectivity are essentials to nearly every job now a days, and being a firefighter definitely is included in that. However, since the average workplace for a firefighter is much different than someone who works in a cubicle, this has to be taken into consideration when choosing the right laptop. Luckily for those who work with rough elements, there is a line of laptops that are made especially for this, called rugged laptops. Really, many of these laptops are the same laptops you’d choose for an engineering student, since laptops for college students go through all kinds of hell (as we all know!).

Here are the best rugged laptops for firefighters:

Getac B300
This particular laptop is built to be as tough as nails. It’s designed to have hazardous workplaces in mind as the laptop can be used in areas with hazardous particles and gasses. It’s a 13 inch laptop, which makes it very versatile. There is no fear that the laptop will explode or become defected, and the magnesium alloy case keeps it waterproof safe, too. The screen has the capability to lie down almost completely flat, and can be tossed around a bit without fear of breaking. Besides the physical feature, the laptop itself doesn’t hold back either with feature of 2 or up to 8 gigabytes of RAM.

Lenovo ThinkPad x131e
With a reinforced design with stainless steel hinges, it’s hard to ignore this well-engineered laptop. While it’s a bit heavier than the average laptop, it weighs a little shy of 4 pounds; it makes up for the weight in awesome features. The HDD drive and top cover are padded with rubber, so any bump or drop will seem like nothing as this electronic is built to last! It’s particularly useful for firemen due to their ability to work through extreme high temperatures.

Panasonic Toughbook 31
This laptop can handle the toughest jobs and can withstand any shock, slam or drops you can throw at it. It’s great for environments that have high winds and high temperature, perfect for any firefighter! This laptop meets the highest standards for the military. It also comes with a Intel Core i5 processor, so high end graphics aren’t a problem.

Dell Latitude XFR
This Dell has the backup of the United States Department of Defense. It can withstand pressurized water for when water from a fire hose gets close to the laptop. It has an intense armor protection that makes it actually lighter than most laptops on the list. The core and IT system is not bad, and comes with sturdy data protection and webcam.

General Dynamics GD8000
Never be unconnected on the job as this laptop comes with a serial port, three USB ports and a port for external video. It goes even further with 3G, Bluetooth and GPS. The laptop comes with strong security measures so important work files don’t land in the wrong hands or become lost somehow. And like any other rugged laptop, this one will not disappoint on the hot field of a firefighter.