Firefighters Get Pimples and Baggy Eyes, Too…

Listen, we’re firefighters, okay? It’s no secret that we’re a bunch of knuckleheads. We like to think of ourselves as really capable men. We take care of business. And, when we’re at the firehouse, it’s easy to feel like you’re in a frat house. It’s just that kind of atmosphere. We joke around. We play pranks on each other. We walk around in our undies. It can get pretty ridiculous. But it’s also no secret that we take care of business when business needs to be taken care of.

In short, we’re manly men. Even the women among us are a bit stubborn about how tough we are (not that women aren’t tough; really, the women are some of the toughest firefighters we’ve got). But it’s just that kind of culture.

So, you wouldn’t expect us to freak out over a pimple. And really, when you picture a firefighter in your head, you probably don’t picture him or her walking around with a zit on his forehead. But believe me, we get them! I mean, we’re wearing big sweaty masks in the field; it’s bound to happen sooner or later.

Also, some of us are old. Especially the chief. He’s a geezer! So, while the young guys worry about their pimples, the old guys and girls are busy worrying about the bags under their eyes.

But, here at the fire house, we do everything as a team, and that includes skin care. Now, I don’t mean that we sit around with cucumber masks painting our nails, but we definitely do share little secrets between ourselves and do a few things around the station to help everyone out. Here’s what we do.

For the young folks

Like I said, our young folks mostly struggle with pimples. So, we do a couple of things to help each other out. First, we eat well. No junk food in the fire house. We eat whole, clean, healthy foods, and that has a huge impact on how your skin looks (which is something I did not know).

Second, we spent a long time doing research to find the best dark spot corrector we could find. It’s just a little bottle of cream, but it helps get rid of post-breakout blemishes, which can stick around for a really long time.

Lastly, we wash all our pillow cases regularly. We’re a big fan of naps here at the station, and dirty pillow cases can cause breakouts faster than just about anything.

For the geezers

For our resident geezer, the chief, we wanted to find something to help with those baggy eyes, even though we love him just the way he is. We did a lot of research for this, too, and one of the things we found (the only thing we found that worked, really) was the Dermawand. This is an awesome little gadget that pumps radio waves into your face to tighten your skin. And it actually works. Really. After looking at a bunch of Dermawand reviews, we all chipped in and got it for his 50th birthday. He’s not pretty yet, but we’ve definitely seen some improvement.

Anyway, the point is: skin health is important, and at the fire house, we like to keep each other healthy, and we also like to help keep our community healthy. So we hope these