Pet Safe Your Home

A new perspective by Amy on November 7, 2014

pet rescueDo you have pets in your home or know someone who does? Make sure you follow some easy tips in the event your home experiences a fire, tornado, hurricane or some other event that puts their lives and yours in jeopardy.

Plan For Safety

Have a plan in place for all family members, human and pet alike. Practice your plan and make sure even the smallest and furry ones are involved.

  • Make sure your pet has a collar with an ID tag and also a microchip.  This is in the event you aren’t at home during an incident, your pet gets lost, takes off due to fear or for any other reason rescue teams can find you to return you pet.  Collars help when having to leave a place quickly and a need to grab onto your pet and go.
  • Keep a dog leash accessible in more than one spot of your home for just such an event.
  • Pets can get scared when a fire truck or other emergency vehicles are around and noisy. Make sure to put them on a leash and with you at all times.
  • Make sure that you have enough smoke detectors that are active and replace the batteries regularly. Some people change them with the time changing twice per year and some even do it once a month as a precaution.
  • You may want to consider installing a carbon monoxide detector too. You may already have a smoke detector and carbon monoxide combination unit.
  • Consider purchasing a safety escape ladder.  Make sure each person knows what route to take from each room or if a fire blocks them in a certain area.
  • Buy a kid and pet window cling stickers to help rescue teams become aware pets and kids are a  part of your home.
  • Always make sure windows are operational in case they are needed.


If you have a cat, it may be helpful to go to to find anything and everything you need to meet your cats’ needs.


Never take a battery out of your smoke detector to use for something else because you don’t know when you might need for it to work with an emergency. And don’t postpone being able to properly identify your pet and at a minimum make sure they wear a collar with an ID tag if you’re not going to microchip your pet.

Are Styling Tools A Fire Hazard?

For gorgeous, shiny hair, many women are turning to home hair care, salon-quality products and styling tools just like the professionals use. I love my Sedu ceramic straightener. It’s easy to use, makes my fine, frizz-prone hair smooth and lustrous, and it heats up fast. For days when I want a little bounce in my hair as well as my step, I like the Remington Tstudio Salon Collection Ceramic curling iron, a versatile, well-priced iron which is reviewed here:
styling tools fire hazardsAll that heat in front of your bathroom mirror, add in some styling products, possibly with alcohol in them, and you have my typical morning routine. You may also have a potential fire hazard on your hands!

Did you know the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors recommends that you not only switch off all your hair appliances when you’re done, but that you also unplug them?

A faulty wire or switch (totally unnoticeable in your day-to-day use of your styling tool) may cause a short or even a fire in your home! Small appliances and hairstyling tools will still draw a very small amount of electric current, so when your hairstyle is perfected, turn off your tools, allow them to cool down for a minute, then unplug them and wrap the cord carefully around the handle (not the heated plates). Since most newer styling tools, especially those with tourmaline or ceramic plates, get as hot as 450 degrees, make certain that they’re cool to the touch before you put them away.
Be careful with styling products, too. I love the environment and do my best to keep green, but I also love a good aerosol hairspray for volume and hold on a humid spring day. These products can be combustible, especially if exposed to a super-heated styling tool! Watch out, use them with care and store your styling tools away from your styling products.
Another danger to avoid is using your styling tool near water.

Everyone knows to not use the hair dryer in the bathtub, but the same super hot ceramic tool you use to get your shiniest hair might also be a hazard near even a small puddle of water on a bathroom countertop. Wipe down your vanity quickly before going to work in your locks with a heated tool. Even a small bit of water may pose a hazard for an electric shock or even a short! Talk about a bad hair day!

Always use the rubber grip to hold the tool, don’t touch it any surface other than your hair, and always use the safety “kickstand” when setting it down. (Remember, only set it down for a minute and try to avoid walking away from it!)
Keep your fire exits clear, your smoke alarms up-to-date and be careful whe handling your hairstyling tools! As great as a visit from sexy firemen may sound, by staying safe, you’ll be beautiful, smart and relaxed. Pretty neat!
If you liked this post, there’s plenty more useful and fun beauty information on our site that is not a fire hazard!