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National Fire & Rescue (NR&R) was a USA magazine covering Fire and Rescue.

NR&R magazine ceased publishing in early 2009. It was editorially devoted to community sized fire departments. Its content targeted America's hometown men and women serving local Fire/Rescue/EMS departments, their experiences, challenges and purchasing needs.

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Content Current Issue July / August 2008

Burning Issues

Beware of Your Surroundings
By Battalion Chief John Tippett - JulAug 2008
Size-up is everybody’s business, and you should never rely on or assume your more experienced partner will get you out.» More

A Fire Tale
By Chief Ken Farmer - JulAug 2008
The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition says 4,000 Americans die in fires each year, but installing both smoke alarms and a fire sprinkler system reduces the risk of death in a home fire by 82 percent.» More

Technology Lets You Breathe a Little Easier
By Danielle Taylor - JulAug 2008
Most firefighters take SCBAs for granted, as it’s been part of the standard equipment for longer than any of today’s crew have been on the job.» More

Sound the Alarm
By Danielle Taylor - MayJun 2008
The history of alerting firefighters. .» More

Quick Connects” Disconnect Just as Quick
By Battalion Chief John Tippett - MayJun 2008

When the pump operator charged the line, the coupling came uncoupled from the engine.» More

 Education for the Asking
By Chief Fred Windisch - MayJun2008
I would like to focus on one of the true gems of our industry that, inexplicably, is in danger of fading away due to a lack of interest.» More


Cooking & Fitness

Weight Training for the Chest
By Joe Bonanno - JulAug 2008
We’re continuing the series on progressive weight training for firefighters, breaking down the muscle groups into these simple areas...

By Joe Bonanno - MayJun 2008
We’ll be talking about the arms here—or guns, or pipes, or whatever other term you’ve come up with to refer to your well-developed upper limbs.» More



Interior Fire Attack Needs New Thinking
By Chief Dan Jones - JulAug 2008
We must recognize our limitations even when technology allows us to go further.

Trade Shows: Entertainment or Good Marketing?
By Chief Dan Jones - MayJun2008
“Let’s keep the priority on learning and improving the fire service and not on mere entertainment.” 


Extrication U

What else could there be?
By Lt. Doug Cincurak - JulAug 2008
Extrication training outline No. 3

Where the Steel is Found
By Lt. Doug Cincurak - MayJun2008
Extrication Training Outline No. 2


Feature Articles

Targeting the Silent Killer
By Chief Douglas A. Holton - JulAug 2008
Milwaukee FD leads the country with a carbon monoxide meter program.

“You Want Me to Do What?”
By Mary Hauprich - JulAug 2008
Getting your community on board with fire safety

Everyone in Place
By Dennis C. Sharpe - JulAug 2008
Neighboring departments team up to quell an industrial blaze 

What We’ve Got Here Is … Failure to Communicate
By Mary Hauprich - MayJun 2008
Communication. The bane of our existence. Misunderstood, misdirected, mismanaged, mishandled, missed, miserable communication.

Robots to the Rescue
By Leslie Park Ovard - MayJun 2008
Artificial Intelligence Allows Robots to Assist USAR Teams

By Russ Johnson - MayJun2008
GIS Technology is Changing the Way Agencies Prepare and Respond



The Action Heats Up
By Chief David Fulmer - JulAug 2008
Keep abreast of the current issues facing our nation’s fire service and see evolving technologies in apparatus and equipment firsthand by attending FRI

Meeting Packed with Progress
By Chief David Fulmer - MayJun 2008
May board meeting